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Spheres of light have started appearing in the modern age, giving proof that the past and future do exist
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 Rupert Currier

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PostSubject: Rupert Currier   Rupert Currier Icon_minitimeTue Jun 29, 2010 5:30 am

First name: Rupert
Middle name: Edward
Surname: Currier

Gender: Male
Age: 35
Nationality: English. V English

Height: 6'3
Weight: very low
Hair colour and style: Messy, slightly curly, unkempt and strawberry blonde (he doesn't like being called ginger)
Eye colour and style: slightly small and bright blue
Body build: really skinny. His ribs show
Skin tone: naturally really pale. But now weatherworn and quite dark tanned and very freckly
Piercings/tattoos: None. Except he had his army tag tattooed onto his hip.
Style of dress: He has had the same pair of trousers and stuff the whole time he was gone.

Likes: his family, being home, clean clothes, warm clean baths
Dislikes: loud places, dirt,
Personality: he used to be fun, loving and very friendly. Now he's quiet and awkward

Student/work at the sanctuary: n/a yet
What their job is/what they study: n/a

Family:Wife Amanda and daughter Imogen.
History: He was born into a broken home. He was taken to an orphanage when he was three as his mother commited suicide. He then got adopted to a large, loving, rich mixed race family when he was seven and lived with them until he was 18 when he went to the army for two years. His uni fees where paid 50/50 by his parents and the army. He studied History and met his future wife Amanda during part of his course.
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Rupert Currier
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