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Spheres of light have started appearing in the modern age, giving proof that the past and future do exist
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 Manda Currier

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PostSubject: Manda Currier   Manda Currier Icon_minitimeThu Jun 24, 2010 12:40 am

First name: Amanda (nickname Manda)
Middle name: Robyn
Surname: Currier

Gender: Male
Age: 31
Nationality: British

Height: 5'10
Hair colour and style: Dark brown hair, slightly long
Eye colour: dark brown
Body build: quite slim, but nothing impressive
Skin tone: quite pale
Piercings/tattoos: n/a
Style of dress: usually smartish yet casual

Likes: logical puzzels, mysteries, history, artefacts, things that don't fit
Dislikes: his identical twin, politicians, salt, fizzy drinks, too much blood
Personality: Direct - going straight to the point about things, speaks his mind most the time, logical, calm, doesn't hide when he doesn't like someone or something

Student/work at the sanctuary: Currently works at local university (soon will work for the sanctuary)
What their job is/what they study: Does studies into history, artefacts, myths and puzzels of the past, teaches at the university

Family: Identical twin, daughter Imogen, father alive and living in America
History: Grew up quite close to his twin, but they started to grow apart when they were around nineteen due to arguements and different points of view. He got married when he was twenty-one, a week after he and his partners daughter was born. His partner was also interested in history, and one day, just vanished when Imogen was two years old. Manda hasn't seen them since. He started teaching at the university, bringing up his daughter alone.
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Manda Currier
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